Apureda Compound Oil Filters

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Our compound Oil Filters are made of premium HV fibre glass wigh special technology which is our own high precision filter, stable, breaths freely, better filtration allowance and longer service life. The maximum lifespan can be up to 3000 hours compared to normal plant fibre with the same filter precision and flow rate.
Parameters :- Differential Pressurer : <0.25 bar
By-pass working pressure :- 2.5 bar
Working Temperature :<120*C
Filter Precision :- 20uM, 95%
                             10uM, 50%
Service Life :- 3000 hours.

Compound Filters Service Life up to 3000 hours.

Imported HV compound fiberglass which has high absorbtion capacity with no water absorbtion only water separation. Our own high precision filtration and more filtration allowance. The fiberglass media will have longer service life compared to plant fibre of the same filter precision and clow rate.


Imported Media, more stble performance

Own HV Media stables hole size improves breatherbility with higher filtration allowance  for a longer service life.


Precise Screw, Safer Connecti

Apureda adopts a strict company standards on different types of screwa. It will ensurethat the screw's connection is more reliable, safer, better & more tightly sealed.


Stair Filration for Longer Service Life

The non-woven fabrrics are wrapped using alternated methods with metal mesh And fiberglass which makes the oil filter perfoem with better capabilities for filtraation allowance and longer service life


Thicker Screw Plate Allows Oil Filter To Bear Higher Pressures

Apureda oil filters normally uses 4mm screw plates while other suppliers uses 2.5 mm to 3mm screw plates. This means our oil filters can bear higher pressures And are safer.


Bypass Valve, Working at Stand Pressure

Bypass valve is a safety valve inside the oil filter to avoid blocks and clogs at high temperature. The standard working pressure is 2.5 bar. Other supplier's oil filters normally cannot meet this this standards. This can affect the air compressor lifw

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Apureda Compound Oil Filters

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