Apureda Compound Air Oil Separator

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Air Oil Separators are made with innovative technology of pleated plus wrapped structure with imported premium quality media. It will increase the separation capacity and service life and will decrease the oil consumption and expand the service life undere the same condition. The maximum service life can be up to 8000 hours.
Parameters : Oil residual after separation , 2ppm.
Working Temperature : ,120*C
Initial Differential Pressure : ,0.2Mpa
Service Life : 3000 - 4000 hours (Standard Pressure And Working Conditions)
Installation : Vertical, norizontal.
Air Flow : Inlet, Outlet.

Compound air oil sparator, longer service life.

Imported HV air filter media has the feature of smooth surface, low quantitation, fine fibre, superfine fibre, small aperture, etc. Smaller and dender filter media aperture means much more overlapped layers, higher efficiency, more stable performance, more dust collection and longer service life.


Imported Media, more stable performance

Imported HV media, low differential pressure, higher filter efficiency. At the normal working condition, the oil carry over is less or equal to 3mg/m3, initial DP 0.02Mpa. The other suppliers oil carry-over is normally 5mg/m3 or even higher and initial DP is also higher at 0.02Mpa


Black lead gasket, three layers protection, safere.

Better electricity conductivity, three layers, safer. Firstly, electricity conductivity patent technology (Patent No. 20090069035.5) Secondly, is that the gasket is painted with black lead. Thirdly, is that all the filters are strictly checked before being shipped out.


Self-invented glue, end-cap, will never fall off

Researching special glue and connection technology, the end-cap will never fall off hence that will solve the oil carry-over problem


Spiral middle mesh, widely strip, low drag

Air and oil separator is adopted by spiral tube technology. Making the strip width to be 137mm. Then the holes area will be bigger with low drag. Wfich will make the differential pressure is lower. The other brand's middle mesh strip width is only 90mm;


Patent wrap technology, uniform media tightness

Invented wrap machine (Patent No. 200910199024.3) makes the media wrap perfectly implemented. It can ensure the filter's quality and avoid oil-carry over from happening.

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Apureda Compound Air Oil Separator

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