Vaisala Dew Point Meter Dew Point Sensor Desiccant Dew Point Sensor

The DRYCAP story began in the mid-1990s following an unresolved measurement challenge. Traditional humidity instruments were not accurate enough at very low humidities, while commonly used aluminum oxide sensors were prone to drift and required frequent calibration. There was a strong demand for accurate, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and low-maintenance dew point instruments.

Vaisala's solution was to combine the highest quality polymer technology with a patented key feature – auto-calibration – that would eliminate sensor drift in very dry conditions. In 1997, Vaisala introduced a a new type of dew point sensor based on thin-film polymer technology, the DRYCAP® sensor. Since its launch, the DRYCAP product family has grown to encompass a huge range of applications, from drying processes to compressed air and dry chambers. The DRYCAP sensor is particularly renowned for its reliable performance in hot and very dry environments and this highly successful innovation is still going strong today.